Rachel  Gill photo

Rachel Gill

Kitchen Manager, BronxWorks’ Community Center Kitchen,

Rachel received her MA in Food Studies from New York University and has both the personal and professional passion to improve food access and education. Rachel is the Kitchen Manager at BronxWorks’ Community Center Kitchen, providing food education, increasing food access and improving food procurement. Rachel also serves as program coordinator for BronxWorks’ diabetes prevention program and maternal infant health program. Collectively, this allows for providing food and health education to all ages to support chronic disease prevention and provide practical food and nutrition knowledge.                                                                                            For her thesis project at NYU, Rachel developed a women’s health curriculum called Reframe. This curriculum aims to improve women’s health through improving their relationship with food, with workshops that focus on positive body image, stress management and how to make healthy food choices.
Prior to moving to New York, Rachel managed an award-winning farm-to-table restaurant in Burlington, VT. With her undergraduate degree in Journalism and Politics from Salve Regina University, Rachel spearheaded the creation of a local Vermont newspaper, where she served as the lead news reporter and the majority of her coverage focused on school lunch nutrition news. Rachel aims to use her academic and professional experience to continue to play an active role in improving health and creating a more just food system.