Ena  McPherson photo

Ena McPherson

Community Farmer, Tranquility Farm

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Ena McPherson’s transformation from ornamental Gardener to aspiring Urban Farmer and Food Justice Activist has been a lifelong process. Although she was born and raised in the city, Ena descended from a long line of farmers on both sides of her family.  Her maternal great-grandfather’s marriage certificate listed him as a school headmaster, when he died his death certificate listed his occupation as PLANTER.  She decided to heed the call when she noticed the long lines stretching around the Bed Stuy neighborhood food pantries.  She then realized hunger was a serious issue in for her community.  Ena seized on the opportunity to explore the possibility of gleaning excess produce from the garden beds at T&T Vernon and Vernon and Throop Community Gardens and her beloved Tranquility Farm.  In the first year of gleaning they harvested over 200 pounds of produce that was circulated back into our community.