Emma Rodgers photo

Emma Rodgers

Senior Program Manager, Bronx Health REACH

As the Senior Program Manager at Bronx Health REACH, Emma Rodgers manages community-level efforts that increase access to healthy, affordable foods and opportunities for physical activity in the Bronx and reduce racial and ethnic health disparities. Her work includes developing, implementing and evaluating federal grants and serving as the liaison between coalition members, subcontractors, government agencies, community leaders, and residents. Prior to joining Bronx Health REACH, Ms. Rodgers was the Bronx Borough Organizer for NYC Smoke Free, implementing education and advocacy strategies to gain support for citywide tobacco control policy priorities, and the Associate Director of Planning at Buying at HN Media and Marketing, managing online, outdoor and print media buys for the NYC and NY State Departments of Health. Ms. Rodgers has a Master of Science in Public Health from the Harvard School of Public Health and a bachelor’s degree from Smith College.