Dr. Bharath Prithiviraj  photo

Dr. Bharath Prithiviraj

Research Associate / Adjunct Asst. Professor, Dept. of Biology, Earth & Environmental Sciences at Brooklyn College & CUNY

Dr. Prithiviraj is trained as a microbial ecologist with experience in symbioses in microbes and metagenomics. His Ph.D. from India focused on using symbiotic microbes to track ecophysiological adaptations in fungi that can tolerate extreme conditions of abiotic stress. His current research is focused on the monitoring of green infrastructure sites and integrate the research interests of the three investigators in the areas of contaminants, microbial community diversity and dynamics and biogeochemical process rates. The proposed research would provide the first integrated assessment of contaminants, microbial communities and biogeochemical process rates in green infrastructure sites across New York City area. Previously, as a post-doctoral research associate in the University of Colorado, Boulder, he worked in the area of microbial genomics with specific emphasis on analyzing large scale data sets on air samples. Dr.Prithiviraj is also involved in The Metagenomics and Metadesign of the Subways and Urban Biomes (MetaSUB) International Consortium (http://www.metasub.org). He is a co-investigator for Hyderabad, India as part of this effort. http://gcgh.grandchallenges.org/grant/global-distribution-and-epigenetic-stratification-antimicrobial-resistance