Session 2 Workshops | Youth Leadership in the Food Justice Movement

Compost: A Hearty Hill of Horticulture Knowledge

ROOM:  HM 152

The session will have youth discussing their work with composting in various community spaces. They will begin with an icebreaker and then move into sharing what they have learned in each community space they have worked in. After, they will engage the group in an activity where the audience can apply the information they learned to a potential compost scenario they can come across. The workshop will be wrapped up with a closing that encourages the positive impact of composting and everyone's capacity to get involved.

Speakers:  Friends of the High Line Youth:  Cristian Polanco, Stephanie Calderon, Sarah Chen, Darnell Maxwell


A Review of Cafeteria School Lunch Programs in the U.S.: Healthy or Lacking?

ROOM:  HM 436

YLC is comprised of nine Caribbean-American teens from the High School Public Service. Not often are youth given a mainstream platform to speak on a subject that directly affects them and we wish to provide a current account of the cafeteria lunch program for all ages, especially adults who may be out of touch with the realities of school lunches. Our action session will encourage participants to use our research, methodology, and surveys to assess the healthfulness of their communities’ cafeteria lunch programs and organizations and political campaigns advocating for changes.

Speakers:  THE YOUTH FARM, Youth Farm Leadership Council (YLC): Thomas Heslop, Marie Massier, Donnyv Pierre, Yolanda Volcimus, Michael Afriyie, Rebecca Dufresne, Anslem Joseph, Brianna Panton, Wanda Estil


Turning your Green into $Green$

ROOM:  HM 438    

This workshop with show how to engage and familiarize youth with techniques and strategies to maximize the output potential of a community garden or urban farm. We will also stress the importance of self-sustainability for social justice work and community organizing in general.

Speakers: Edgemere Farm staff


Youth Leadership in the Food Justice Movement