Session 2 Workshops | Nuts & Bolts: Organizational and Project Development

Making Science & Math Meaningful for Students with Disabilities Through Community Supported Agriculture & Urban Gardens

Room: HM 424

This workshop highlights efforts to tackle inclusivity for people with disabilities. We will explore how integrating  a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and urban gardening into math and science curriculum’s align  with multi-sensory and project-based learning approaches. We will share how a CSA and urban garden help foster adaptive skills for students with disabilities. Through these projects, people with disabilities are afforded greater opportunity for inclusion. Participants will leave with a concrete guide to develop and implement an urban  gardening and CSA curriculum as well as opportunities  to brainstorm with colleagues about goals and skills  applicable to their classroom settings.

Speakers: Danielle Egic, M.S.E.; Cassandra Manzo, B.A

Sustaining Healthy School Food Options Through Garden-based Education

Room: HM 436

Our workshop will provide context for the importance of garden-based education in three hudson valley school districts with regards to food security; explore various activities that hudson valley Seed uses to make eating vegetables exciting to students while addressing academic achievement; discuss strategies for collaborating with teachers to support classroom goals; and in small groups, brainstorm curriculum design, share ideas, and inspire  new models for garden-based education.

Speakers: Sam Adels, Educator and Outreach Coordinator, Hudson Valley Seed; Christine Gavin, Educator, Hudson Valley Seed

Children’s Literature in the Garden

Room: HM 433

Learn to use multicultural children’s literature to enhance  your garden-based instruction and teach concepts in social studies, science, and nutrition. Discover great multicultural children’s literature and practice developing engaging learning activities that meet the goals of your program or school. Poughkeepsie Farm Project educators will share tips,  a book list, and best practices for using literature to center your instruction.

Speakers: Jamie Levato, Education Director, Poughkeepsie Farm Project; Ellie Limpert, Education Manager, Poughkeepsie Farm Project

Creating Space for Understanding in Collaborations

Room: HM 438

Collaboration is the cross pollination of ideas. Inevitably ideas will mesh and collide revealing areas of conflicting points of view.  how we choose to manage and move through those conflicts will inform the outcomes of our collaborations.  In this workshop participants will learn techniques to generate new understanding and perspectives when in conflict. being able to generate alternative solutions and uncovering areas  of understanding will strengthen collaborative outcomes.

Speakers: Michelle Jackson, Collaboration Specialist, Snap Indigo; Claudia Kenny, Core Group Member, Good Food Farmers Network & Co-Owner/Manager, Little Seed Gardens

Building Partnerships at a Community-Based Organization: Lessons Learned on the Ground

Room: HM 431

Community-based organizations are crucial players in our increasingly collaborative food movement. This workshop will explore lessons learned around collaboration at the community level. Participants will discuss critical questions about how we in the food movement can facilitate relationships based on trust, understanding, commitment, and flexibility. The speakers will share their own experiences working on collaborative food projects and will offer recommendations and tools. Finally, participants will strategize approaches for their own partnerships. This workshop is intended for those who are navigating partnerships with or based at a community-based organization. Members of community groups are also invited.

Speakers: Taisy Conk, Director, Community Food Action, New Settlement Apartments; Anyela Duarte, Director, Multicultural After School Program, New Settlement Apartments; Vivian Vazquez, Director, Community School Partnerships, New Settlement Apartments


Nuts & Bolts: Organizational and Project Development