Session 2 | Nuts & Bolts: Organizational & Project Development

Date: Sun, March 12
Time: 2:50 PM - 4:20 PM

Storytime, intersecting African and indigenous people's stories with garden education and academic subject matters


What stories do we tell our youth of color? Do these stories affirm and empower their being while growing their intellect? One negative consequence of colonialism is the disconnection of people of color from their past and oral traditions. Storytelling is one way we transmit culture, morality, and knowledge. In this workshop we will critique an original lesson that uses an ancient African story of overcoming that intersects with math, science and a garden technique. As a group we will develop lessons around stories, again intersecting it with academic content and grounding it in a garden or kitchen based lesson.

Speaker: Ruby Olisemeka, Independent Educator/Consultant focusing on socially transformative education, food justice, and incorporating African and indigenous practices into farming and food & farming education

Nuts & Bolts: Organizational and Project Development