Session 2 | Food Business & Economy

Panel: Farm to Bed-Stuy: The Worker Cooperative Approach to Building a Local Supply Chain

Room: HM 150

How are three worker-owned cooperatives committed to equity increasing self-determination and food sovereignty in a brooklyn neighborhood? While most food access models focus on community folks as merely consumers, this will highlight a value chain that puts the power and decision making in the hands of the people. This panel will explore the concept of worker cooperatives, social missions of the partners, financing, logistics, and the direct relationships between Rock Steady Farms, brooklyn Packers, and bed Stuy Fresh & local. 

Moderator: Brendan Martin, Founder and Executive Director, The Working World

Panelists: Dylan RicardsFounding Owner, Bed-Stuy Fresh and Local; D. Rooney, Farmer-Owner, Rock Steady Farm & Flowers; Maggie Cheney, Farmer-Owner, Rock Steady Farm & Flowers;  Angela DeFelice, Farmer-Owner, Rock Stead Farm & Flowers; Steph Wiley, Memeber, Brooklyn Packers 


Food Business & Economy