Session 1 Workshops | Youth Leadership in the Food Justice Movement

Date: Sun, March 12
Time: 11:10 AM - 12:40 PM

East Harlem's Young Farmers

ROOM:  HM 424

The Concrete Safaris Team will introduce workshop participants to the ways in which children and youth are active at Concrete Safaris’ gardens at Jefferson and Washington Houses, and encourage you to make your own plan for urban agriculture in your community. Topics will include soil care and fertility, composting, and recycling. There will also be breakout sessions for you to brainstorm and plan for youth engagement with the children and youth present to guide you in your process.

Speakers:  CheVon Cooper, Corey Harrison, and 6 child participants, Concrete Safaris


Growing Fruits, Vegetables, and Well-Adjusted Humans

ROOM:  HM 433    

How can farming empower young people to excel in school and life? Together we will investigate the ways in which urban agriculture programs open doors for individuals who have been denied opportunities for growth. Hear first hand experiences from members of our workforce development crew, staff, and green team students. Join us as we explore farming’s ability to cultivate the development of life skills at any age.

Speakers:  Sage Aidekman, Ciara Sidell, Abbe Lentz, Nikki Miller, Ronald Foster, Latonya Assanah


Youth Powered Farming & Food Justice: Growing the Leadership of NYC Youth

ROOM:  HM 138

Five youth farmers from Brooklyn will discuss what it means to them to be running two farms in Bed Stuy and Far Rockaway. They'll discuss how they operate markets and day to day tasks at the farm, what peer-to-peer mentorship looks like for them, and how they engage their community members. The farm manager will discuss some of the programming and curriculum used. If you're a farmer thinking about getting more youth involved with your farm or garden project, or if you are a young person looking for more ways to plug in to food justice work, join us!

Speakers:  Green Teens Program, Bed Stuy Campaign Against Hunger:  Al Reid, Gaby Daniels, Melanie Salgado, Cyeann Edwards, Marcos Lopez, Jenny Marks

Youth Leadership in the Food Justice Movement