Session 1 Workshops | Urban Agriculture

The Power of Perennials

Room: Earth Friends

This workshop demonstrates how perennial herbs grown in a school /community type garden can provide an abundance of low cost, fresh produce each year not only to a school but to  local community residents and to a school's food service operation. Such crops as mint, lemon balm, sage, sorrel and thyme will be shown; their health properties as well as planting methods and uses will be discussed. Recipes and  ideas for use including preparation of locally sourced herb bouquets will be presented. The nutritional value  of herbs will be discussed and slides of our Queens' gardens will be presented. Come to this informative , interactive workshop; Plant cuttings will  be available to most participants.   

Speakers: Clare Consiglio, MS, CDN, Director, Food Management Studies Coordinator, FNES Vegetable and Herb Garden, QC/CUNY; Brendan Frodell, Director of Food Access, Queens Community House; Mary Lou Wojcicki Haas, gardener, garden/florist shop co-owner; Lyn Croyle, Assistant Director of Dining Services, Queens College



You Can Grow Rice in NYC

Room: HM 140

Rice is one of the most consumed food staples in the world – used across the globe in hundreds of cultures – yet few people living in the Northeast understand how it grows or that it can thrive in our climate. Learn how you can incorporate this beautiful grain into your gardens and schools by exploring its lifecycle, how to grow it in New York City, as well as using it in a learning garden’s curriculum. Starting from bed preparation and seed selection we will walk through propagation, seeding, weed control, irrigation, heading, and harvest as well as using the products for bouquets, crafts and food.

Speaker: Nick Storrs, Urban Farm Manager, Randall's Island Park Alliance.

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