Session 1 Workshops | Nuts & Bolts: Organizational and Project Development

A Call to Action: Increasing Representation of People of Color in Food Justice Organizations in the United States

Room: HM 431 

Organizations that claim to be doing work to create a more just food system must look internally at their own demographics in relation to the demographics of the communities they aim to serve to assess whether or not there is adequate representation of people of color within their organization. However, the work only begins here as numbers do not always tell the whole story of the power dynamics involved in the decision making process and who feels a sense of ownership within the organization. Therefore, in addition to looking at numbers organizations must internally assess their decision making processes in order to truly embody food justice and walk the walk rather than just talking the talk. If you are part of an organization that wants to do this work or you want to form an organization that starts off with centering an anti-racist approach to this work or you are a community member who wants to learn how to engage an organization with which you work in a conversation about this – come join us.

Speakers: Rasheed Hislop, Outreach Coordinator, GreenThumb NYC Parks; Rosalba Lopez Ramirez, Writer, Artist and Community Organizer;

Panel: Fair wages, Fair Market Prices from Farm to Table:  A roundtable discussion on creating wage equity and establishing labor justice from field to kitchen

Room: TH 136

This workshop identify the challenges and opportunities in wage equity across the chain of labor, looking specifically at farm-to-table restaurants. What role can farm and food business owners, policymakers, and eaters play in ensuring that values-driven restaurants can succeed while paying their workers fairly, and compensating farmers so that  they and their workers can earn a living wage?

Moderator: Devita Davison, interim Executive Director, FoodLab Detroit
Speakers: Michael Anthony, Executive Chef - Gramercy Tavern; Catherine Barnett, Executive Director, ROC-NY; Zaid Kurdieh, Norwich Meadows Farm; Rachael Nemeth, CEO & Founder, ESL Works; Diana Robinson, Food Chain Workers Alliance


Building your Base: Techniques for Raising Funds and Friends

ROOM: HM 438 

Come join Cause Effective to learn how to​ ​you can translate donors' concerns into a strong fundraising position for the challenging times ahead. We’ll cover how to think about fundraising in a year-round way and specific techniques for donor prospecting and cultivation, then dive a little deeper into various tools for individual donor fundraising and community engagement including events, crowdfunding and annual appeals. This workshop will provide a solid introduction for new fundraisers, and give you everything you need to know to set you and your allies/members/board of directors on the path to raising more cash!

Speakers: Greogry Cohen, Associate Director, Cause Effective; Rashi Desai, Program Associate, Cause Effective


Food Justice & Food Pantries: Beyond Charity, Addressing Racism and Poverty at the Root

ROOM: HM 152

This panel will address how food pantries are working in intersectional ways to create a more just food environment. Speakers will share ways that they are working to dismantle structural racial inequities in order to ultimately decrease the need for food pantries in their communities.  Panelists will highlight their respective food projects -- such as engaging a juvenile detention program; growing their own food on site and in the neighborhood; creating good food jobs; and helping to establish more options for affordable, fresh, local produce outlets nearby.

Moderator: Suzanne Babb, Why Hunger
Panelists: Mireille Massac, CDSC; Ashleigh Eubanks, NEBHDCo; Doug DeCandia, Food Bank for Westchester


Nuts & Bolts: Organizational and Project Development