Session 1 | School Food & Nutrition Education

Panel:  Dismantling Structural Racism in Nutrition Education: What Does Equity look Like?

Room: HM 436

Panelists will discuss how their approaches to nutrition education for youth veers from policy driven, whitenormative traditions that have dominated nutrition education and systematically left out the experiences, values and cultural orientation of people of color.

Moderator: Dr. Pamela Koch, EdD, Rd, Executive Director and Research Associate Professor of Nutrition Education, The Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy, Teachers College, Columbia University Panelists: Sia Pinkett, Food Educator/Culinary Chef and trained Just Food Community Chef; Tree Williams, Food Educator, Just Food Community Chef Trainer of Trainers; Yadira Garcia, Food Educator, Just Food Community Chef, WITS; Nadine Nelson, Chef, Owner, Educator, Global Local Gourmet



School Food & Nutrition Education