Lunch | Health & Wellness/Skill Builder Sessions

Health & Wellness

Bitters: How to Use them and why they are so important to our digestive health

We will introduce the historical uses of bitters and present a selection of our most popular bitter herbs with their specific uses, energetics and actions. We will discuss when to use the cooling bitters and warming bitters, and even extend the discussion beyond the digestive benefits with how to use bitters for headaches and allergies. Some herbs will be tasted in the form of fresh plant material and also tincture form. We will offer a variety of creative recipes and present the best and tastiest ways to ingest bitter herbs.

Speaker: Dawn Patter, Clinical Herbalist, Healer, and Flower Essence Practitioner, Petalune Herbals

Meeting Mamas Needs

This workshop will be a discussion about how structural violence effects mamas in poor communities. We will outline how pregnant people who lack affordable food are more likely to suffer from higher obesity rates, gestational diabetes, that lead Type 1 or 2 diabetes later in life; increased risk of preeclampsia, which can lead to hypertension and increase of stroke; long term morbidity; and more cases of placenta accreta, placenta previa, and cesarean scar ectopic pregnancies. We will also explain how better nutrition helps to fight postpartum blues and depression, as well as an increase in breastfeeding rates. We will then provide tangible ways to counteract these health issues with healthy eating.

Speakers: Christine Mahoney, Full Spectrum Doula and Food Justice Coordinator at Ancient Song Doula Services; Chanel L. Porchia-Albert, Founder and Executive Director at Ancient Song Doula Services

Urban Yogis

Using tools of health and wellness to enable personal transformation leading to social transformation. Helping individuals to live healthier & happier lives.


Skill Builder

Zero Waste Events

In this workshop, we will explore how to prepare for, set-up and run a Zero Waste event. We will cover recycling 101, best practices, waste management, equipment, and waste reduction ideas for sustainable events. We will talk about how products and packaging design have different recycling options and environmental impacts. We will explore how to utilize volunteers in your Zero Waste initiatives and touch on different Zero Waste settings like home, offices, schools, community gardens and events.

SpeakersAndrea Lieske, Zero Waste Coordinator, NYC Compost Project Hosted by Earth Matter NY; Kim Tateo, Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator, NYC Compost Project Hosted by Earth Matter NY; Jessica Haltzman, City Service Corp Member, NYC Compost Project Hosted by Earth Matter NY

Mini-Intensive Workshops